Saturday, October 20, 2012

A great meditation

19. Just when you feel the need to act, stop! Meditate on the sensation of expectation; meditate on the sensation of intense waiting.

This Meditation is excellent in helping you overcome your sense of individual doer-ship.

One of the forces that hold you imprisoned in this world is the notion that you, personally, are the doer. This is, of course, incorrect. You are only using the talents that nature gave you for survival, in a framework that nature also provides.

When the notion arises in your mind that “I have to do such and such,” then train yourself to immediately stop and do nothing at all. Realize that your need to act really only comes from the need of your Ego for survival. When you stop acting, the Ego is out of a job. And you can begin to live in freedom. In this freedom, there is the notion of waiting—of waiting without waiting for something in particular. You find yourself in an emotional wasteland where there is nothing for you to hold on to anymore.

In this state of waiting, there is the experience of the bliss of the conscious Self. Here you have a direct sense of the praiseworthiness of life, of the sacredness of life. Meditate on this sense of holiness, and meditate with a sense of holiness.

PS: this is Meditation 19 from my Kindle eBook "Journey of the Soul - The Path of Meditation"

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