Wednesday, October 24, 2012

About Questions and Answers

I highly recommend finding questions that either you or someone else may have or may have had about any spiritual matter or subject, and do your very best answering those without resorting to the canned answers that may pop up from memory. Really allow for the questions to marinate within you until an original answer emerges. Then pull this original answer slowly out of the morass of uncertainty into the light of day and put it into words.

Often times we feel we know an answer, but when we attempt to formulate it and put it down on paper, we struggle to express our thoughts. But, this is a good struggle. It puts us in the same boat with all the other people interested in spiritual matters, whether on the path (seekers) or beyond it (masters) who want to codify the truth as they have experienced it, or as they are experiencing it at the moment.

But, as Wayne Liquorman of so wonderfully states, we are all liars when it comes to expressing the Beyond. The truth is the truth only in the moment when we feel it. As soon as this truth is expressed in concrete forms it becomes a lie, because the new truth of the new moment will supplant it immediately.

However, don’t let this fact distract you from the task of distilling the truth out of the morass of this existence. The truth must be found, and when you find it you will not want to throw it away again. This is similar to finding a diamond in the mud. Once you clean it and see its magnificent beauty, you will want to keep it and treasure it. The truth can be an addictive power, although it renews itself from moment to moment. An old truth is no longer as truthful as a new truth. Therefore it is important to find the new truth in old truths, such as traditional religions and ancient religious writings from any tradition that you feel an attraction to.

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