Sunday, October 28, 2012


Attachments form when you get attached to something or some person.
To live in freedom you must reject all attachments. But that is not completely possible when you live with other people. Actually, to live in complete non-attachment is not possible as long as you are alive.
There will always be something that entices your interest and your involvement. The laughter of a child is enticing. The beauty of a sunset is enticing. The taste of cheese is enticing. The smell of a rose is enticing. The sound of a piano is enticing.
In other words, all sense organs can bring about an enticing experience. Is it necessary to turn away from these sense experiences in order to find peace in non-attachment? Yes and no. Yes, it is important to turn away from too much of these experiences. More of these experiences is not the solution here. But “no” is also a correct answer, because you cannot turn away from them completely as long as you breathe in and out (in other words, as long as you are still alive).
The best way to deal with the sense experiences of life is to enjoy what comes unsought, thereby limiting your involvement with them. Do not go out seeking them and do not go in hiding avoiding them. Whatever comes – unsought – needs to be welcome without hesitation, without resistance.
Do not prolong pleasant experiences and do not cut short unpleasant ones. Keep your intent on one thing only: the bliss of the moment, nothing else. This bliss overrides all pleasant and unpleasant experiences and makes you find a true home within your conscious Self, away from the changing layers of your thinking and feeling mind.
Bliss is the true center of your being, your true core. Sat-Chit-Ananda: Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. These three words are used in the Veda to describe what the Self is.

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