Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Power of God

Some people say that God is Love. That is not so. The love that you experience is your own love. God is Power.
Imagine you are floating in apparently empty space. When you look around there is nothing. All of a sudden the spectacular explosion of the Big Bang happens right next to you. Huge amounts of energy blast into space. Eventually this energy consolidates into the Billions and Billions of Galaxies containing Billions and Billions of Stars that rival or exceed the magnificent power of our own radiant Sun. This is the awesome power of God. This is the power that creates everything.
A small amount of this power resides in all of us. After all, we were created during the Big Bang along with everything else. That is why we have a common connection with everything in existence. If that connection is a positive, attractive and supportive one, then we feel love. If the connection is negative, unattractive and repelling, we experience hate.
There are only two forces in existence: attraction and repulsion. We either go towards that which attracts us or we go away from that which repulses us. Towards pleasure and away from pain. Towards freedom and away from limitations. Towards happiness and away from misery.

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