Saturday, May 25, 2013


A lot of significance is placed on the value of Discrimination on the spiritual path according to the Vedas. It is written that the Individual Self can merge with the Universal Self solely through the power of Discrimination. This is true.
Discrimination makes you realize that you are interconnected with all life, that you do not live in isolation, even if you tried. As it is said “no person is an island.”

This saying can be expanded to go something like this: “Every person is connected to all that exists.” How is this kind of connection possible? It is possible, because all that exists, exists only inside your being and in your awareness.

You must realize that nothing exists outside the impressions that live in your awareness. Any new impression that impacts on you (you become aware of it) will become another part of you. All exists in you and you exist in all. That is the union of the Individual Self (Jivatman) with the Universal Self (Paramatman).

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