Saturday, May 25, 2013

Always Upwards, Towards the Highest

Survival skills can be stretched and developed until success is gained; not merely survival, but success with your given abilities/gifts. The question always is: "What is behind?"
"What is behind what I see, hear, smell, feel, touch, and taste?" There is always another "behind" - another "beyond" - to discover. The surface, the materially experienceable, is just a front for your inner experience of love and compassion.

So, when these feelings are evoked, of what use is the Outer anymore?
There is no more use for it. But, as long as you do not find Love and Compassion consistently inside of you, the outer Shell is needed to be their cause.

The lessons of life are Compassion and Love. Once these lessons are universally understood, all strive comes to an end. However, each generation of humans needs to learn these lessons for themselves. There are no shortcuts. What I have learned can only be a pointer for you. My knowledge is no substitute for your own knowledge.

Therefore, strive toward your own knowledge, your own truth, your own understanding of the world. But, you must arrive at the place of Love and Compassion for all, eventually. That is the goal to which all of life is pointing.

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