Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The need for inner Stillness

I used the word stillness to describe this mental state and not the word silence. Silence to me is just the absence of sounds, while stillness can be experienced despite of the presence of sounds. I have experienced stillness in peaceful summer meadows as well as in noisy clubs.

My circumstances have nothing to do with this profound inner experience of stillness. I can experience this stillness when I meditate or when I drive the car.
This stillness is a profound stillness that originates way beyond the surface activities of my mind. In fact, it does not get touched or even caused by the mind. It is its own state.
When there is balance in my being, then this state of stillness can emerge. Only then can I notice it. As long as I run after any state, be it a state of activity or a state of silence, this state of stillness will not come forth.
In a way, it is the gap between too much of one thing and too little of another thing. It is the window into my soul, into my deepest essence of being. My experience in this space is only one of peace and contentment.

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