Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Meditation is really the heart of all spiritual practices. In fact, it is the one essential practice. Deep meditation connects us with a part of ourselves that may be so still that we don’t notice it in daily life. In this stillness there is the power of the moment. This power can help us navigate successfully the challenges of our daily activities.

This power of the moment resides between our activities, between our thoughts, between our intentions. When an activity stops on its own accord, then stillness sets in until another activity emerges.

To be aware of this gap between activities, between thoughts, between intentions is true meditation. The power to determine the direction of one’s life rests in this power of the moment. Without this power we are like a leaf floating down the river of life somewhat helpless and entirely at the mercy of the whims of the current.


  1. Thanks Lon, I hope you'll find your way back here soon again. I was trying to open your blog "Dragon Wind", but for some reason the site just keeps on loading and loading, but doesn't really finish loading. It just stopped loading after several minutes. Now I can see your site. Perhaps your graphic takes too long to load on my computer.
    You have an interesting site. Have a wonderful day!
    Chris K.