Sunday, August 25, 2013

Look Within, Always

Look within, always look within. Find out who you are. When you look outside you see confusion, chaos, agitation, multiplicity, and tumult. Inside there are peace, serenity, love, contentment, and calm knowing. Calmness prevails in your center. Sit quietly. Rest within your own self.
Rest within. Gather your energies and focus within. Concentrate so that all else falls away and only the self remains. The “I am” is the kernel. From this kernel all else sprouts. This “I am” is the trunk of the tree of your being. Who are you? You are the “I am.” The “I am” is sitting in silence, in utter stillness, in eternal timelessness.
When there are two, there is creation, agitation, confusion, the division between “high” and “low.” When there are two, there is either attraction or repulsion. When there are two, the world begins. In singularity nothing else exists. There is only oneness. The singularity of the self. That is where the state of Moksha lies. This is your destination. Here all paths end. 

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