Friday, August 23, 2013

Develop the Inner Sight

Develop the inner sight. Rest in your inner state. Remain always in this quiet state. Do not show off what you have attained. Be still. Be humble. Allow your inner state to permeate your outer surroundings. Do not force your inner state onto your surroundings. Let it happen naturally. Be watchful. Be present. Do a lot of listening. Be aware. Be loving. Be attentive. Always be present. Be perfect. Let others know that you care. Help people along their path.
Do not deny others the freedom to choose their own path. Remember that all paths lead to the same goal. Freedom waits at the end of any path. Some paths appear circular, with no beginning and no end. Going round and round. That is not the case. Time and space change and so there will be progress on any path. You must believe that. You must believe that there is an end to your path. Remain on the path until the path gives you up. Until the path falls away. Remain vigilant. Do not remain on the path because you like the path. The path is a means to get you to your goal, which is the supreme country of liberation. The path is like traveling on a train. You must get off the train to reach your final destination. If you do not leave the train you will not be able to enter the city of Moksha. You will not be able to walk through the streets of freedom, bathing in the sunlight of peaceful bliss. Therefore, meditate always. Pray always. Concentrate always. Focus always. Do not allow for one moment to slip past your attention. Do not refuse any moment. Do not consider one moment to be more important than another moment. See all as equal. Have equal vision. No high or low. See neither high nor low. Measure all with the same yardstick. Do not measure your affairs with one set of yardsticks and the affairs of others with a different set of yardsticks. Do not point fingers and mock others. Mocking others is akin to mocking the Supreme. You do not want to sully yourself in this hideous way. Give respect in the same way as you receive respect. You are a reflection of the highest. In you, the highest finds itself reflected. Therefore, always look within and keep the mirror of your mind clean.

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