Monday, September 2, 2013

Concentrate and Realize!

Spiritual liberation is the detachment from all that is not you. You live in freedom when there is true Vairagya, true renunciation of all. To practice this is difficult. It goes against everything you have ever believed in, ever hoped to attain, ever tried to hold on to.
Your most cherished assumptions and concepts will dissolve and you will exist in freedom, in spiritual liberation, in Moksha.
You must strive for this freedom. This is not a renunciation of material things, but a renunciation of the reflex to find happiness and fulfillment in “another.” The only place where you will find happiness and fulfillment is ultimately within you alone. No external reflection will be enough. Nothing external will give you the proper comfort. You will only find disappointments outside and you will exhaust yourself running after shadowy dreams and vague hopes.
The self is closer than your breath and even closer than your mind. Concentrate on it and realize!

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