Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Listen carefully:

The Self is all that matters. The happiness we experience in the Self is the highest happiness possible. All other forms of happiness are but mere shadows of this happiness. True bliss is only possible in the Self. You must relinquish all attachments to other forms of happiness. That is the only way toward liberation in this life. Human life is not easy to attain.
Therefore it is imperative to make the best use of it. We cannot wait for some other time or some other incarnation or some other place to attain liberation. Here is the place. This is the time. This is the proper incarnation.
Why do you not seek the royal road? Why do you not travel the royal road to liberation? The path is clearly visible to you. The saints have pointed the path out to you repeatedly. Why do you still hesitate to walk it? Let go of your misconceptions and walk the path. Others have walked it and found the goal. Why shouldn’t you find it also? Do not think that you will always be deluded. Do not think that you will always be small and insignificant. Do not believe that your efforts will not bear fruit. You are close to the goal. Turn your attention inwards and see the goal. Do not allow your mind to follow your senses out into the world in search for ephemeral bliss. Turn within and find the source of bliss inside your own mind, your quiet mind, the mind that is as still and as deep as an ancient mountain lake.

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