Friday, August 15, 2014

Happiness is the Goal

Act in ways that ensure happiness.
Act constructively.
Don't pull down when you feel unhappy.
Build up.
Don't tear down.
Create more, not less.
Increase abundance.
After that, bliss arrives at your doorstep.
Happiness leads to bliss, naturally.
To walk, you need to set one foot in front of the other.
The same with life.

All efforts are towards the same goal.
The goal is happiness.
The goal is bliss.
The goal is contentment.
The goal is deep inner peace.
The goal is to find yourself.
The journey begins right here and ends right here.
Clean the mirror and see yourself.
Whatever you seek is inside you.
Just as a ship carries everything it needs on its journey.
So you also carry everything you need within you.
All activities lead to silence.
They spring from silence and merge back into silence.
Observe your actions.
Observe your motives.
What are your intentions?
All must be pure.
This is an inner purity, not an outer one.
Wearing clean clothes and performing tapas are not the causes of happiness.
Happiness comes when you are detached.
When you enjoy the activities without expectations.
When you flow in the moment without worries.
The future is caused by your present actions.
Worries about the future are unwarranted.
All actions lead to results.
The motives determine the results.
Pure results come from pure motives.
Crocked results come from crocked motives.
Always examine your heart and mind.
The highest must always be on your mind and in your heart.
There are no shortcuts to happiness.
You must put in your work.
You must work towards happiness.
You must want to be in bliss.
Lethargy and confusion are forces that pull you down.
You must always struggle against these forces.
It is difficult to roll a big stone bolder uphill,
But it is easy to let it roll down again.
The struggle towards the highest is difficult.
It requires constant vigilance and courage.
The rewards are immeasurable bliss and contentment.
The city of bliss in the country of contentment is reached
On the train of deep inner peace.

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