Monday, May 16, 2016

Peaceful moments

Be loving in the moment. Have patience. Relax into the moment. In the relaxed moment there is peace, there is tranquility, there is comfort. Ease on down the street. In this relaxed state you are in your feeling and sensing mind, no longer in your analytical thinking mind.
Only in this state can you experience perfection, the perfection of the moment. As long as your conditioned mind interferes in your affairs, you will not experience peace. And you will not be able to affect peaceful reactions from those around you.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The essence

Stay with any experience until you find its essence. Every activity has an essence. That you must find. Nothing else truly matters in life. To life superficially is not worth living at all. Dig down deeply. Make an effort to find the essence. The essence and the purity of your soul are one and the same.

Friday, May 13, 2016

The verticality of being

The verticality of experiencing the essence. Dig down deeply. Go through all the layers of your being. Arrive at the central station. Look around and see that you have arrived in the valley of eternal peace. All your travels have come to an end. Discard all your disguises and be the pure Self.

What is your Essence?

What is the essence? It is a consicious essence. An inner experience. Most familiar to you. Your Soul, your very essence of being and knowing about it. Without knowing there is no existing. What you don’t know does not exist. In you there is the source of all knowledge.Your soul attracts all kinds of energy that it is compatible with. It repulses energies it is not comfortable with.

The purity of the soul

Socrates was right. He said that the soul could not be made purer than it is already. You can only find ways to remember this innate purity. That is where the search for perfection comes in. Perfection exists only in the moment. And the moment is only experienced when all comes to a standstill. Time and space merge. Who experiences this moment? The innermost essence of you. The Self. The Soul.
As long as there is even a hair of wanting to be somewhere else, this perfect moment cannot be experienced. Only when all cravings have ended can true peace be found.