Friday, August 4, 2017

The Essence of Life is Consciousness

The essence of life is consciousness. The “purpose” of life is to become as conscious as possible. The human form is the result of this “purpose.”
Out of the morass of unconsciousness arises, little by little, the spark of consciousness and through constant effort and grace, becomes the raging fire of full enlightenment, full conscious liberation.
The “I am” emerges fully after all that hinders its full expression is dropped, either through one’s personal efforts, supported by grace, or through outer circumstances, also supported by grace.
What is grace? Grace are fortuitous energies that break through on occasion to help life find its true purpose of full conscious liberation in a living form.
It is not a “being conscious of something other,” but a “being conscious within oneself and of oneself.” The meditation is directed only towards the Self, not towards another.
What you see in the mirror of consciousness is only you. “I am, therefore I am.” There is the knowing of one’s own existence, nothing else. There is awareness of “other” things, but only the consciousness of one’s own being.
This experience is pure and singular. It is the blissful knowing of one’s own existence. It is instantly liberating. It frees one from the confines of one’s mind. That is the best way, at the moment, for me to describe it.
It is the direct experience of knowing of one’s own existence. That is truly phenomenal! Life knowing that it exists. What could be more astonishing!
The simple fact that life exists is already extraordinary. And then life itself knowing that it exists is the icing on the cake. What can top that?
What does one do with that realization? One continues to live one’s life to the best of one’s abilities with the survival skills nature provided that were sharpened through the daily interactions with one’s surroundings.
The important thing in life is to direct one’s intentions always towards something higher, more perfect, more exalted, to reach the pinnacle of existence, which is the perfectly pure Self-realization in blissful consciousness.
And then follows the blissful interaction with others that are also on the path of more and perfect realization. Purity is called for. Perfect purity in mind and heart and deed.
There is the feeling that what one did just a moment ago was less than perfect, and that only in this moment eternal perfection is achieved. So, in a sense, perfection is a passing experience, like the scene outside a moving train, where new objects continually come into focus.

The passing perfection of consciousness. Even so, the blissful scent lingers on. And so there is a continuation of life’s experiences, one blissful step after another, one blissful moment after another. That is how life progresses. Satisfaction guaranteed!